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Wood is an excellent material for flooring, as it’s natural look and feel can add warmth and character to a property. The beauty of wood is that it’s versatile. It’s suitable for almost every room in the home and depending on what type of wood you use and how it’s treated, it can be used in almost any colour scheme. Wood, however, has it’s limitations and depending on your personal requirements it may not be right for you. Fortunately, we also offer laminate flooring

Laminate is an excellent alternative to wooden flooring and has its own benefits. Some of the key reasons to purchase laminate are its reputation for durability, ease of cleaning and also the cost of purchasing and installing it. Just as it has benefits, it also has drawbacks.

Is Wooden Flooring Right For You?

If you’re looking for hard wearing flooring that is child and pet friendly, wooden flooring might not be for you. Although wood flooring is easy to clean, it can scratch easily and does show signs of wear over time. It is possible to sand your and refinish your flooring, but this isn’t ideal if you anticipate the flooring being subject to hard wear.

Wooden flooring can be an expensive option depending on the type of wood you use. With that being said a lot of people deem it to be a worthwhile investment because there really is no true replacement for the look, feel and quality of real wood floors. It’s also an investment that, if looked after, can last a lifetime and even longer.

If you want a floor that, above all else, is elegant and unique then wooden flooring is for you. If you have requirements for your flooring to be, first and foremost, functional then this may not be for you.

Is Laminate Flooring Right For You?

Laminate flooring is, in many ways, everything that real wood flooring isn’t, but in the same breath, it also lacks some of the qualities of real wood. It’s generally, relatively, cheap to both purchase and install, is hard wearing and easy to clean.

Although laminate flooring is, in some ways, more practical it also has its drawbacks. Even though laminate is more durable, if damaged it can be harder to replace. There is no option to repair laminate flooring due to the way it’s constructed. You may have spare sections of laminate left over from your installation, but sun damage and wear may mean that the new section doesn’t match the rest of your floor. Laminate is also notoriously slippery and this should be a consideration when using laminate anywhere that will be used by people with limited mobility.

Laminate Flooring vs Wood Flooring - Pros & Cons

Pro Con
  • Natural look that can’t be fully replicated
  • Can be repaired and retreated which means it can last longer
  • The look changes with age which adds character
  • Real wood will often increase the appeal of your property
  • Can be an expensive option
  • Susceptible to dents, scratches and chips
  • Cheaper than real wood
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard wearing
  • Resistant to bacteria
  • Laminate can’t be sanded and retreated
  • It’s difficult to replace sections without it looking out of place

To discuss your flooring and for more advice on which type may be right for you, visit our showroom in Blisworth. Alternatively, we do offer a mobile showroom service and can bring the best of our showroom to your home.

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