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How To Make Your Wood Floor Less Slippery

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Wood floors are naturally a slippery surface, which is particularly hazardous for pets and people wearing socks. However, there are a few tips to reduce the slipperiness of your wood floor, whether it’s through the use of oil finishes or anti-slip coatings.

Oil Finish

Regarded as the best finish for wood floors, oil finishes penetrate deep into the wood, providing an unmatched level of protection. This is essential when used in rooms that may be vulnerable to changing temperatures and weather conditions, such as conservatories. Professional oil finishes are typically regarded as non-slip due to their much less slippery nature, compared to other wooden floor finishes.

Wear Sensible Footwear

This is probably the most obvious tip on our list, however, it’s important to try and avoid wearing socks and hard-heels shoes when walking on a wooden floor. Opting for barefoot is a much safer option.

Lacquer and Wax Finish

Whilst lacquer and wax finishes can be an attractive and cost-effective choice of finish. We would personally advise against lacquer and wax finishes as they have been proven to increase the slippery nature of wood floors. We’d personally advise against this type of finish, in favour of the more reliable oil finish.

Anti-Slip Coatings

There are a number of anti-slip coatings designed for wood floors. Typically requiring a double coat, spread the solution thinly over the flooring. Each coat should be allowed to dry for 10 hours and they will not affect the colour of your wood floor.

Regularly Clean Your Floor

You should ensure to keep your wooden floor clean, especially if you have any pets that will shed their hairs on your flooring. A build-up of dust, debris and pet hairs can make your wood floor more slippery. We would personally suggest sweeping your wooden floor at least once a week to ensure that any dust or pet hair has been taken care of.

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