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What Is The Best Type of Flooring For My Property?

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Bare Quarry Tile Floor

If you have purchased your first home or perhaps are looking to spruce up the appearance of your current property, you may be looking to redo your flooring. With such a vast array of flooring options, it can be difficult to understand which type is the best for each individual room. As we are experts in flooring, therefore, we have compiled a short guide to help you choose the right flooring option for your home.


Living Room

For most properties, this will be the first room that you enter within the household. The 2 best options for a living room are a matter of preference, we’d suggest either a carpet or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). A stylish bespoke carpet can convert your living room into a relaxing haven. Alternatively, if you are looking for a flooring option that requires less maintenance, we’d recommend LVT accompanied with a custom-made rug to add a burst of vibrancy to your living room floor.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Dining rooms and kitchens are the most likely rooms within your home to fall victim to spillages and stains, therefore, we feel that LVT or engineered wood flooring is the best option to go with. Both options are aesthetically pleasing with a natural look that can’t be replicated, they are also easy to clean and highly durable.

vinyl flooring (LVT) in bathroom


We’d advise against using carpet in bathrooms as the carpet will end up soaking up moisture from when you get out of the shower and can be subject to spillages from cosmetics and toiletries. A build-up of water in the carpet can lead to mould, therefore, we’d recommend that you opt for vinyl or LVT. Vinyl and LVT or both slip-resistant and water-resistant, making them the perfect solution for bathrooms.

carpet flooring for bedroom


When it comes to your bedroom, we believe that carpets are the best way to go. You’ll want your bedroom to feel homely in every way possible, therefore, walking on a soft carpet before getting into your comfortable bed makes for a dreamy combination. If you would prefer to have wood flooring, we’d definitely suggest adding a contemporary cotton rug to give your bedroom more of a delicate appearance.

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