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Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

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Winter has set in, it’s hot chocolates and jumpers for everyone. However, winter shouldn’t mean wearing extra layers whilst inside the house because your hardwood, laminate or vinyl floor isn’t the best insulator. Here are our top tips on how to keep your home warm this winter, whatever your budget.

Fill The Gaps

This might sound obvious but more often than not, they’re the things that are overlooked, filling any gaps in your hard floor or replacing any broken or damage could instantly warm your room up.



Just like filling the gaps, it sounds glaringly obvious, but using the free warmth provided by the sun, is a simple and effective way to keep heat in your rooms. During the day, allow the sun to naturally heat as much of your house as it can. Open the blinds, shutters or curtains, letting the light through and close them as soon as the sunsets.


The layout of your room can significantly influence the temperature, especially as the days get colder. One of the best ways to save money and still make your home warmer is by rearranging the furniture in your rooms. Avoid covering the radiator with big pieces of furniture and try keeping sofas and chairs away from any big windows. It might also be worth investing in thicker curtains to insulate more heat in the evenings when you’re more likely to want a cosier environment.



Rugs are often added to rooms to improve colour and overall style, however, rugs are ideal and affordable ways to increase the insulation in your rooms. It is important to consider the size of the room when choosing a rug, how much of the floor you want to cover etc. A rug is a great short-term solution because when summer comes around, it is quite easy to remove and put away until the cold sets in again. We offer a bespoke rug service, so you can choose the best style, colour and material to suit you. There is also the option to turn old remnants into rugs and mats via carpet whipping.

Under-floor Heating

If all else fails, the most expensive but possibly the most guaranteed solution is investing in underfloor heating in your home. With options for an electrical or water-based underfloor heating system, they can provide comfort and distribute heat evenly to keep your home the ideal temperature for you.

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